Feb 12, 2001


Alright, Dog Pound claims that my updates have really sucked lately. I'm sorry if the suckiness level of these updates has become even more evident over the past week or so, but I'm beginning to run out of things to say. After a full year of bullshitting, I'm starting to break down! Jay B, save me!!

Razor's band (which I am part of) isn't doing so hot lately, problem is we seem to be having some communication issues. We haven't really had enough jam sessions I think, and as for gigs, we've yet to get one. All we really need is to get noticed, then we'll be IN. I'm talking record contracts out the ass! When Razor gets a few drinks in him, he can sing any GnR song out there!!

Speaking of bands, I thought Bastard Machine was supposed to be playing their first gig last week. What ever happened to that? Fuck.

Another boring Sunday (ok, the header says monday but I'm doing this early). Another week gone, another winter dissapearing. Is it just me or does life seem to go by faster the older you get? I mean, the 4 years of highschool I went through seemed like an entire lifetime on their own. Now I find myself trying to ignore the passing of time so that I can hold out for the next payday, its really sad when you think about it. I mean, I can't think of any worse crime than wasting time. That Death Clock really got me thinking. We all do have a certain amount of hours left of our lives, why waste a week of it waiting for a paycheque? Life sucks, then you die, right? Either way, if you were to ask The Saint, you just end up serving him anyways :).

Now hippies, hippies knew how to live. I'm not talking about modern hippies (ravers), but the old 60s, live in a bus, have sex 10 times a day, smoke drugs all the time and not care about anything but the environment hippies. I can't think of anything much better other than perhaps being a roadie for Twisted Sister, both would be very exceptable lifestyles. Too bad all the roadies are in jail and all the hippies ended up dying of various STDs which their generation did an excellent job of spreading. Nothing good in life comes without punishment, hey? Bah.

YC has been strongly objecting all of the accusations and rumours of him being gay. So much so, in fact, that some would say that it would make him appear gay. He then had the nerve to suggest that myself accusing him of being gay was just an act to cover up my own gayness. Tsk tsk tsk YC, you only wish!

Bored? Crank up a little Jimmy Ray to enlighten your spirits! I remember back in the day when Jimmy was still popular. At the time I was working alongside Blue4130, and everytime Jimmy came on the radio I would make him turn it up. Blue argued that Jimmy was gay, and would dissapear after his first song lost popularity, but I stood up for Jimmy Ray! He's been gone for awhile but he's on his way to making a comeback!

One last thing before I go today, Unit3 has picked up a new domain name, a .ca domain name. DEMONI.CA is now online and is picking up where Mr. T left off. I suppose this means he'll be making me a new banner for this site. Anyhow, mosey on over to DEMONI.CA for some top quality news....it's generally a lot better than the shit I post here.


End of Updates