Feb 13, 2001


Am I ever tired today. It must be all this snow and cold weather, makes me want to stay at home until it all clears up...but I don't think there's any chance of that happening soon. Until then I'm just going to have to get Dog Pound to drive me around everywhere. I also learned an important lesson today: I stopped by Audiophile's place and proceeded to call him gay many times, which resulted in me getting punched and then pushed down the stairs. I have come to the conclusion that when you call people gay who aren't gay, they inflict physical harm upon you. Whereas if you call people gay who ARE gay, they just try and insult you back (like YC). Anyhow...

What happened to Kujo?? Looks like I'm gonna have to hack this link thing on my own...

Click on the picture to the left to watch paul dance to a variety of tunes, including Vanilla Ice. You can change his movements, etc, even add backup dancers!

How about a funny commercial involving a karate student who is having some problems...?

Listen to Dog Pound Wail!

And my personal favorite, you have to check this out! I hate that damn paperclip.

Gauarusadgh.....I just ate what was left of the pizza I bought Saturday night, what a trajedy. I don't know what it is about Dominos pizza that keeps me coming back, especially after I learned that each individual slice of peporonni pizza contains over 40 grams of fat - more than a Big Mac. Yup, that means that a whole pizza, along with a box of twisty bread brings you up around 500 grams of fat in one sitting (I have done this before, easily, in my younger days. Now it takes me two sittings). Anyhow, I think the recommended daily intake of fat is somewhere around 30-40 grams. Hmmph. This doesn't surprise me considering the horrible feeling that you have to suffer through the entire day afterwards, and the hours you spend on the toilet after consuming a box full of twisty-grease (bread). Mmmmm.....pizza.

hmmm. Where is everyone? Hello?? The Discussion Board is dead, and I have had very little email from any of you. OH WAIT, that just reminded me that Blue4130 sent me some sort of article about scientific monkey testing. Hang on, now I have to find it....ahhh here it is.

Anyhow, time to roll. Keep it real everyone, I'll see you again in 24!


End of Updates