Feb 15, 2001


What? No update yesterday? Whats with that? Well...it was valentine's day...and although I'm sure all of you were hoping for some super Rappablords Valentine's special update, of course there was nothing. The reason, quite simply, is that valentine's day is a very busy day for me. You see, on Feb. 14th, everybody at work comes naked and participates in a huge super-orgy. So needless to say, I'm still recovering from that but I wouldn't want to leave my readers with TWO days with no updates.

For some reason or another, the 'emoticons' in the Discussion Board were all messed up...so I've fixed those...also the Discussion Board should be running faster in general, because it is no longer loading its graphics off of a remote site (which was the default setting).

Crouching TIGGER, Hidden Dragon???

Wow, Blue4130 sent me a real masterpiece. I don't want to ruin the surprise, so have a listen yourself (but don't play it too loud around your kids).

Snow SNOW, SNOW! GRRRR....where's my spring?? I know, I complain too much about the weather. I suppose I should be happy that its winter, because I generally seem to spend less in winter and I really have to work at getting the rest of my debts paid off (including some haunting students loans). I suppose I have one thing to look forward to, and thats my tax return. If all goes the way I hope, I should be getting some coin back. Here's hoping!

Alright, I give up...it may be late but I'm here to spread some Valentine's cheer for all you guys out there...nude Valentine's Calender Girls:

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Thats all for now, come back tomorrow for some super super fun. No really, it will be a darn good time. Darn good.


End of Updates