Mar 05, 2001


Greetings, and welcome to March 5th.

As you may have read in soul_d's weekend update, the Super-Volare sustained a life-threatening injury last thursday night. Through reckless driving on my part, the Volare lost its entire exhaust system beginning at the back of the catalytic converter. It now sounds like a true hotrod, and spent the rest of the weekend listening to Audiophile beg me to take it out on the streets again. Needless to say, the Volare is injured, but not yet dead. Though it is getting closer by the day. I'll keep you posted.

Well, seeing as how it is already March and the smell of spring is in the air, one can't stop thinking of that crazy annual festival of drunkeness and forbidden pleasures commonly known as the "Pike Lake Trip". This annual event, started in the spring of 1996 has been home to many great injuries, wackiness (see picture on right), and of course fond memories. I should also note that since its beginning, the annual Pike Lake trip has had a greater turnout every year, and this year shall be no exception.

Everyone's invited, so remember to come on May 18th-21st for...


I spoke with the notorious Jay B from the deceased the other day, and he has agreed to write an update for RBlords. When this will happen, I'm not sure, but when it does...LOOK OUT!

Speaking of EJ, anybody remember that old site Well, its back up and running again even tho Fat Craig had stated that it would never be so. Have a look if you have the time, although I must warn you that it is nowhere as exciting as this page.

Remember Jonny Glow? Well, apparently they remember us, because we're on the Jonny Glow links page. Check it out! RBlords is sweeping the nation, and there's nothing to stop it!

One last link before I bring this update to an end: Check out the videos they rock...and thanks to Blue4130 for the link.


End of Updates