Mar 08, 2001


Whats with all of this school violence that has occurred over the past week? Seems like ever since the big Columbine disaster a year ago, its almost become a 'trend' (a horrible thought). Couple days ago a kid in the states brings a handgun to school and guns down a few of his classmates and a security guard in the changeroom, after being picked on for years and having threatened to shot these kids before. I mean, here we have a kid who has obviously been picked on the majority of his life, nobody likes him, and people take advantage of that. The kid gets nervous, the rest of the kids know he has a gun. The kid starts making threats saying that if they don't stop he's gonna shot them, and they keep picking on him and telling him he wouldn't have the guts. Then one Friday he tells them all he's gonna be back on Monday with a gun and they're gonna die. They laugh. Monday comes around and they're shot. The kid purposely didn't harm any staff, then dropped the weapon and waited to be arrested, totally willing to pay the price for what he did. Now think about it - is this something that could have been prevented? Maybe. I mean hell, I happen to be of the beleif that this kid was no psycho. I don't think you have to be crazy to kill people. Honestly, I believe that anyone could kill somebody else if pushed hard enough.

Today a man was stopped somewhere in Canada (Calgary?) entering a school with a shotgun and a knife. The cops caught the kid before anything bad happened after receiving a tip that the kid was "out to settle a score". The same day a Grade 8 girl in Pensylvania comes to school with a handgun and shots another Grade 8 girl that she didn't like, in a catholic school. Is there something wrong here? Are all of these kids nuts? I don't think there are anymore crazy kids in school now then there ever was, but why are they pulling out guns? Well, now they know it can be done, its been on TV and its worked before. Sure you'll go to jail for the rest of your life, or possibly even get the death penalty if tried as an adult, but what do you have to lose when you have no life, and everybody you've ever met has hated you and made fun of you? Starts to make you think twice as a bully.

Well...thats all I have to say about that, feel free to comment on the Discussion Board if you feel the need. Now onto some regular old-fashioned fun content...

Now, I have a song for you all to download that was sent to me straight from the The Saint himself. Its not very often that I receive content of any sort from this fellow, but when I do its usually pretty good. I suggest you all have a listen to this parody of CW McCall's "Convoy" song. Its all about internet chatrooms, have a listen! HAVE A LISTEN I SAID DAMNIT!!

That picture on the right in a snapshot I took of __SPACE__ about a year ago when we were still in school, in case you were wondering. In the background you can kinda see Razor's bike which he road to school pretty well every day.

I don't want to get you too worked up, but I thought I'd let everybody know that it would be worth your while to swing by the RBlords site (you know, THIS site) tomorrow because we have a very special guest update for you. Thats right, you don't have to listen to my mindless rants, you don't even have to listen to soul_d. Who is it? Check back tomorrow and see. If you'd like to make an update yourself, I'm always eagar to take a day off (not like I don't anyways) so write something up in MS Word or something and email it to me. I'll sort through it and take care of the formatting myself.

Poor Audiophile has been without a computer for a couple weeks now, so if you were wondering why you haven't heard from him in awhile thats probably why. Actually, maybe you weren't wondering that at all but its a good thing that you know where that guy is at all times. I've been doing a relatively good job of keeping track of him lately as I have been pestering him about helping me pick out a set of nice speakers to make the first addition to my future super-stereo (which will be pretty super, but not as super as the one he will eventually give life to). Anyhow, I've pretty well decided on the Seas "Odin" kit. I need to find a good finishing carpenter that can make me the nice hardwood covered boxes I need though, and that could get tricky...I like Seas though, because their webpage has little gnomes all over it, and those are real pictures of the gnomes that make the speakers.

I'll leave you today with a good MS knowledge base entry submitted by Blue4130 that you may find useful if you've ever had problems with your home network before :)


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