Mar 13, 2001


Wow, soul_d managed to win my contest (did any of the rest of you even try??) by getting on the high score list of The Flying Cow. This means he wins the large doughnut...and here's the proof. Now, you'd think that half a day of advertisement on a site as busy as that would get me a couple hits? Not really, maybe one or two. People suck and don't know whats best for them. This is the rockin'est site on the NET!

Have you ever actually 'seen' a sonic boom before? Yes, I know a sonic boom is the breaking of the sound barrier, but apparently in some situations the effect is also visible. Check out this picture from NASA's webpage which shows the effect happening to a F/A 18 Hornet. Pretty cool I think.

I feel a new energy coming upon me in terms of maintaining this site, and I believe that all rumour of RBlords being shut down can be temporarily abandoned. My plan for the future is to get a few extra people updating for me so that I don't have to pump out this crap everynight only for all of you to come back and hope that I have something interesting to say. Of course, I'd like to time this new style with a site re-design which is long overdue but coming nonetheless. You just wait, it will happen. RBlords is becoming a phenomenon that is sweeping the internet, slowly but surely I am aquiring constant readers from around the globe (not just from my little Canadian city). And why?? Because RBlords is destined to become the blackhole of the internet, the densest part of the entire network structure which literally PULLS ips towards it so that no matter what you type into your browser, it takes you to ...

...the center of everything 'good'

Here's a funny TV commercial for that you should watch. Haven't had a video on here to watch for awhile, SO YOU'D BETTER. Cudos to Kujo for the link.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the picture soul_d posted a couple days ago was that of a young mrp. I didn't realize it at first, but now that I've found out I think the world should know. What a cute kid. Too bad he turned out to the future overlord of the world and the end of humanity as we know it. Oh well. Oh yeah, and HIS WEBPAGE SUCKS!


End of Updates