Apr 20, 2001


GAH! Stupid SGI and they're inability to withdrawl money from my account on the right day! Because of them I am accidently broke for the next 10 days! Grrr....

I can't remember if I've mentioned my speakers on any of my previous updates, but a few weeks ago I had Audiophile help me pick out some 'replacement drivers' for some old cabinet speakers I had lying around. Well, I started out with a $200 budget and I thought that was stretching it, and then after much thought and convincing I decided to go with a more expensive 'do it yourself kit'. I ordered the drivers, crossover parts, etc, in kit form which came in a couple weeks ago. Seeing as I'm not much of a carpenter, I had Audiophile take the drivers to BC with him for easter break so that him and his brother could assemble cabinets for them. I have been very anxious to see and here these speakers, which I have sunk a pretty penny into, and I finally have some finished pictures of what they look like.

Click on some of the pictures on the right to see exactly what kind of work went into creating these 1.5" thick monsters. The kit, if you are wondering, is called the Seas Odin, and is comprised of two Seas W17E002 6.5" magnesium cone woofers (with 2" copper phase plugs) arranged in an MTM design around a single T25001 1 inch Fabric dome tweeter (with a magnet the size of my fist). These drivers are part of Seas' Excel line, which are their "high-end" drivers. Audiophile has assured me that these will sound better than any speaker you could find in Saskatoon, which is nice to know! I mean, come on, Gnomes made them!

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Thanks to Audiophile for all the advice, hard work and time that he has put into these speakers on my behalf, and a double-thanks to his brother for all of his advice and contributions! I can't wait to hear them...

Bah, Dog Pound has become enraged that he has not been mentioned on this site for a long time, in fact he has actually threatened to sue me for his decrease in record sales over the past month. What can I say? He HAS prepared a little something for the site however, which is the Story of Mr. Roboto. I think Unit3 may be especially interested in this! Read on!

Man, if you like stick man karate then the flash video to the left is for you! YC sent this out today, and I thought I would put it up to share with all of those violent people out there who would enjoy this kind of stuff, namely The Saint and Dr. Razor. Enjoy!

There's really nothing out there that can beat a good stickman animation, except maybe free pr0n.

News flash from the car world...my Supra is going to need a new motor, there isn't much of a debate about this issue anymore. I have found it very hard to get ahold of a rebuilt motor for my car, but I can however get my hands on a Japanese spec motor with less than 50'000 miles on it for a decent price, and I think thats going to be about my only choice at the moment. I'll fill you in as I find things out though, but for now I am driving the Bel-Air again!

Well, thats plenty for a Friday update, I'll finish off with this beautiful new slogan:



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