Apr 25, 2001


Paint paint paint, still getting the new house ready (yeah, I haven't moved yet). Dog Pound came by to encourage me under strict supervision for awhile which made the job a little less lonely, but then he fucked off to go visit his real friends at the bar....Jack and Jim. What a lush!

I think soul_d is mad at me. He phoned me today to see what I was doing and I was like "I'm going to the gym, then to go painting" and he was like "you're always fucking off somewhere else" and I was like "so what" and he was like "not like I care" and I was like "yeah" and he was like "*click*". What a jerk!

I have a video for everyone today. Thats right, content!! Anyhow, this video is simply a hilarious beer commercial. (Warning: Contains nudity. Unit3 should probably not see this).

But thats about it, I have to get back to setting up dialup on oden so that I will have an actual internet connection when I move out. I'll probably get high-speed hooked up at home as well, but even then it takes 2 weeks for them to come out and hook it up! Oh well...its freakin hot outside (+21 today) so I'm not gonna sit around and complain about slow internet speeds, I've got to get practiced up for all the sweet beach vollyball I'm gonna be playing with all the babes at the lake this year! Oh, and my girlfriend too of course :)


End of Updates