May 08, 2001


Yep, it's a Tuesday update...because I forgot to do one last night...

For starters, I'd just like to mention to all my loyal RBlorites that the domain name may fail to resolve anytime between now and a month from now. The reason being that I purchased the domain name from a bargain super-deal site, which offered it for $15. Now that the year is up, they are wanting a $50 renewal fee. I'm assuming the purpose of this is so that nobody else can wheez my domain name. So...I'm just going to let it expire, and then I'll reregister for $15 again because I'm a cheap ass. So, if dissapears all of a sudden, and you REALLY can't wait the extra few days that its going to take to get it back up and running, try the old "" name, it should still work. And remember, NO WHEEZING MY DOMAIN NAME!

Man oh man, check out the size of that reefer! Audiophile sent this my way to prove to me that everything in BC is, indeed, bigger. This picture was taken at his old place in Richmond, and the man is none other than Fiston Kabwabe. The man in the background is unidentified but it suspected to be somebody who followed the smoke trail in from outside.

Thanks for sending me this wonderful picture, Audiophile....other than Kujo you're the only one that does anymore. Apparently Dog Pound has better things to do!

Well, looks like good ol' Microsoft is planning on pumping its new operating system (Windows XP) out by the end of the year. This new O/S is designed to replace both Windows ME AND Windows2000, by combining the two operating systems into a single codebase, based mostly off of the NT kernel. This could be interesting, will it finally work? Better question: will it be as stable as Win2k?. Anyhow you can read more about it here.

Well well well, if it isn't Audiophile himself! I've had this picture around for awhile, but I lost it for awhile so here it is. This was an earlier picture taken during his days in the 70s as a super-mutant gay rights activist. Many poor, poor striving hetrosexuals died at the tips of his large, gay arms during that decade I can tell you!

HEY! Wanna watch some sexy college girl dance around in her apartment practically naked? Check this out! Note: May offend some viewers.

That reminds me, during work today I stopped by Harry Bailey pool (those in Saskatoon should know where this is), whom we support, and came to the sudden realization that it is the sychro swimming national championships. Today was ages 13-24. As I was busy at work, I talked breifly to one of the lifeguards who was having the time of his life. To quote him "This kicks ass! I just sit here and watch these half-naked beautiful women all day! And its not like any of them are going to drown, so I've got it made!". For those who are interested, you may attend this feature any time this week at no cost...I believe it runs all day until late at night.

Just a quick update for anybody who cares about my car...word on my Supra for today is that the crank, supposedly a forged crank, is not a forged crank. Also, on top of that, the crank has warped under high-heat conditions and is non-repairable. Basically, this means I need a new/rebuilt crank which could cost up to $1500. Stupid import!! Ahh well, time to look around for a new one...if you're reading this, Mark, check around Calgary for a cheap re-ground Supra crank for a 7M-GTE block! One with the bearings would also be nice!

Anyhow, thats it for today. Y'all have a good day, ya' hear?

Oh yeah, and get yer ass over to the Discussion Board! It's really drying up in there lately!


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