May 15, 2001


Here I am back again for the second day in a row! I notice that our good friend Dog Pound managed to throw up an update yesterday, very impressive. If I get enough other people putting up updates then I won't ever have to worry about the site again. YC thinks this is my way of killing the site slowly...but to this I say "BAH! RBlords will never die!"

So tonight I attended The Saint's Bachelorette party, where we began with a delicious meal at Thomas Cooks restaurant. Larmal ordered a delicious plate of gravy, followed by 6 Tomatoes and a Cucumber which he washed down with a tall glass of ketchup, YC had a plate of gravy (with a side of gravy) and I had something to do with chicken which I could not pronounce nor remember. Needless to say, we were all very angry and full be the end of the meal and soon adjurned at the Fairhaven Bowl.

At the Fairhaven bowl I proceeded to kick some bowler's ass with a perfect game of 300. This was topped only with The Saint's more-than-perfect game of 340, which he obtained by constantly fidgetting with the buttons to 'win' himself more turns. A truley remarkable sight, I must say, and I take my hat off to the superior player.

The bowling was short because they closed the alley to have the lanes re-buffed because YC managed to bash the hell outta them by 'throwing' the ball instead of rolling it. We then moved onto the local pool hall to shoot some stick, where Larmal proceeded to drink 16 beers and still manage to clean house big time. I obtained the highest score in a sweet game of '1942', a shoot-em-up arcade game from 1984 that was sitting in the corner. The pool games went on for another couple hours at which time they had to close the pool hall because Larmal drank all the beer in the pool hall. When asked to comment about the night overall, The Saint replied "Larmal Larmal has no friends! HOMO! HOMO!". This pretty much wrapped up a successful night, one of the last of his night as a single man.

Larmal after drinking 16 beer

Now, as for the 'Weekend Update', it should be posted tomorrow. This is all because of myself, I might add, so I suppose part of the reason for this update is to keep you distracted as I finish up the content for tomorrow's big update. Don't worry, I'll try and make it good...

Here's another good MS knowledge base entry. I refuse to believe that this one was a mistake :)

Finally, some real reading material for ya'll...seems that a group of scientists have managed to hook an Eel brain up to a machine to create the world's first functioning cyborg. This Eel-bot is capable of chasing a light around the floor, and consists of basically an Eel brain on wheels. Man, this may finally fulfill my dreams of commanding a vast army of Eel-bots!! But at $2000 an eel-bot, these babies don't come cheap! And considering all they do is chase lights at the moment, they may be no more useful than for decoys...but nonethe the article!

I'm moving most of my stuff tomorrow so you may not see another update from me until after the long weekend...however as I mentioned, soul_d should be posting tomorrow depending on me, so hold on for that!

Oh hell, I'll throw in a movie to boot! Don't miss this one, I've been holding out for a good time to show it! It's a commercial for inflatable breifs, Check it out!

Lastly, KazCorp has some new unbeatable prices posted, so if you're looking for some new equipment to beef up that slow, clunky Athlon of yours make sure to check out the site. And remember guys, KazCorp is an authorized AMD reseller! (picture me with a huge fake smile on my face being handed a bag of money)



End of Updates