Jun 15, 2001


Welcome to the Friday Update. I've got so many goodies for those dedicated Rblords fans. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be like "who the hell is making these updates, and why can I not understand a thing he is talking about... Don't they screen these people?"

First things first, our friend Blue4130 is celebrating a birthday this month, on the 19th to be exact. Everyone is asked to please donate to his "fix my convertible" fund, or just toss a case of BO on his front lawn. Either way he will accept your birthday wishes, as long as he can get ripped like nobody's business. Also Pimpin D has released two new songs that are topping the charts in their first week. The first song titled Baby One More Time features Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa singing with Britney Spears in a trio to her hit song Baby One More Time. It can be downloaded here! The second chart topper was mixed by Pimpin D and rapped out by the infamous group of thugs called "Kracka Rap" consisting of Spitfire, Soul Devourer, and Blue4130. As you will hear, this deadly duo will mow down any nigga in their path, not only have they dominated the Top 10 Charts, they have also dominated respect from Gangsters everywhere. The Song Entitled Don't Mess can also be downloaded here!

Kujo was spotted at the Annual 24 Hour Relay at the University grounds running in circles while highly intoxicated. He was later escorted off the premises for grabbing young buttock and pretending he was Burt Reynolds. Rblords caught a picture of Kujo just hours before being removed from the relay event.

And in other news Dog Pound stumbled across a small nomad woman who is unknown around these parts. It seems she has no real name other than Fred, and loves to cook MMMmmuffins and other assorted delights, we still cannot figure out why she wears tinfoil hats.

And King YC has once again added more horses to his already blazing fast Chariot. Although no one has ever been fast enough to catch YC in order to ask him just how much power his car has. It is rumored to have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 525-50 horsepower. When asked why he desires such loads of power on demand his comment was "I can go fast.... And I get more box" Below is the new carborateur he has added to his list of insane parts.

And lastly, Spitfire has finally decided to furnish his new house with a high speed Internet connection so you can expect more action on the Rappablords scene. The new connection is scheduled to be hooked up on Monday. Also keep an eye out for Soul D's weekend update coming soon.

Kicker Square Subs, sold exclusively at Dahliwahl's Audio Bonanza Blowout!

Have a good weekend and enjoy....... Toodles!


End of Updates