Aug 22, 2001


Uhhhhhhhhhhgh...pardon me, still recovering from soul_d's monster hot tub party this past weekend. 4 straight nights of pure hottub madness....I think on Friday night I spent a record 8 1/2 hours in the I wonder why I'm sick (as a side note, Dog Pound seems to also be equally sick). I think I'll leave the weekend rundown to soul_d...but I have to admit, DP put it best when he described the weekend as "A whole lotta drinkin', and a whole lotta shrinkin'!". Amen to that, brother!

Last update I posted the Playboy photoshoot with "Jerry" from survivor, but this update I'm going to try and target a different group of I have put together the following set of pictures entitled "Farm Accidents". Please don't view this series if you have a week stomach!

Oh, and while I still remember, a number of people pointed out a type in my last update....the Shaft quote that I royally screwed up..."He's kicking up the mother company like a black tornado" SHOULD read "He's kicking up the mother COUNTRY like a black tornado"...oh well, too late to make that sound good :).

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

This weekend I'll be heading up to a cabin at Candle Lake this weekend...the gang will, for the most part, be up there as well...minus our good friend Audiophile who is away at the moment, scoring a very large drug deal with some overseas clients out west.

Oh yeah, I also ordered a new that doesn't sqeal all the time and turn off repeatedly, so I'll be enjoying that lots this weekend....its a 43" Hitachi Widescreen HDTV...not too big, not too this little house of mine it should be just right...and just enough to keep me making payments all winter (which is coming sooner than later). On the side, I have also been going full throttle the last couple days painting my house, which has to get done before the summer does, and I just realized that I'm running out of time....its getting damn dark at 8:00 at night already! Sheeshh...where did the summer go?

In reference to the picture on the left: DAMN! Click the picture for a closer look!

Looking for some video fun? Watch the world's shortest vacation!. Ok, that was kinda about a video of a moose attacking some innocent guy, and kicking the shit outta him. Yeah, I figured that would peak your interest....what a Barrel of Fun!

Ok, that was kinda lame...but I'm running outta steam here!! AHHHHHHH! I JUST NOTICE THAT RAZOR'S PAGE IS GONE!!!

That said, I'm off to bed. I think the only way I'm going to properly recover from this weekend of intense partying is either a whoooooole lotta pornography, or a whoooooole lotta sleep...and seeing as how I'm too tired to look for porno right now, that leaves me only one choice...either way, if I don't update ever again you can assume that I'm probably dead, tied to a rock at the bottem of Candle Lake. Cheers!

P.S. Whitesnake Rules!!!!!


End of Updates