Nov 08, 2001


WHAT?!?? So I don't update! Why all the hatemail!?!?

Ok I lied...other than Dog Pound nobody has complained. I'm hurt. Really, I am. I suppose I should follow _SPACE_'s example though, she's been updating like crazy lately...

Well...winter is pretty much here for those of us in northern quarter of the globe...the polar bears are ransacking our igloos and the avalanches have crippled our somewhat primitive road looks like we're trapped indoors for another cold, frigid half-year!

Ok, for those who haven't already seen it, check out this awesome skincream commercial.

For all of you flight simulator junkies or Taliban terrorists out there, here's a patch for Flight Simulator 2000 to remove the World Trade Centers from the landscape. Just in case it really bothered you that they were still there...

There, I actually put out some crappy content :)

Whats new around here? Not much...the new server is doing well, no problems yet. Not sure whats going to happen to RBlords in the future...I seem to find less and less time to keep it up, and the site is in major need of an overhaul. For now we're stuck with this boring look until I can whip something else up (never).

This past weekend I took a trip to our Queen city to hit up Casino Regina. I'm proud to say that I returned with all of the money I entered with, plus $15. Not much, but hey at least I came out on the up side! I can't believe how many 200 year old women there are playing 2 slot machines at once, with $400 in each one...depressing really. I even saw one woman win $200 on the $1 slots...she was jumping around all excited...then when it was finally finished paying out she just went back to least I knew when to stop!

Unfortunately, Dog Pound got bitten by the gambling bug...and while I was hitting up the slots, and soul_d was hitting up the sluts, DP lost his entire life savings. On the up side, it was only $20. Either way, he recieved a quick slap on the wrist and we brought him back to our sleazy motel room. I should also mention that YC hated our motel room and insisted that we leave, but we didn't. YC hates a lot of things...he's a surly motherfucker.

Anyhow, check back soon - I'll have more content up right away. Until then, check out the inactive Discussion Board!



End of Updates