Jan 22, 2002


(sigh), well....thank you Audiophile for the enlightening update :)

What's this? Updating twice in one week? Thats right! I've got some more Sh!t to shove down your throat, and you're gonna take it like a good reader should! Lets start, for example, with a discussion of just how incredibly cold Saskatchewan can be...well...today was the first day that I actually slapped on my headband to protect my ears from the sharp, icey fingers of this stupid cold winter (okay, its been pretty nice up until now...but still). Interested in a second opinion, I promptly email JayB to ask him exactly what he thought of the weather...his response was a resounding "ITS FUCKING COLD". I concur.

Now that I'm finally warmed up, I've got some more mindless dribble to pack in. Like what? Well....ever wonder why Britney Spear's breasts change size and shape every time you see her? Well although this has never occured to yours truley, somebody else has apparently been losing sleep over it...and he has compiled this flash video to bring forth the scandal.

Wow, I just realized that a great deal of the content on this page lately has had a direct relation to breasts. Well...can't hurt to add another.

Alright, alright, enough with that for awhile....hmmmmmm.....
For those of you who like watching stupid-dangerous motorcycle tricks, have a peek at these videos: [1] [2] [3]

Well those should take you awhile to download, but let me tell you - they're well worth it. There's just something about watching other people endanger their lives that makes you want to laugh a good, hearty laugh. As if you were actually there yourself participating in the magic of these wonderous occasions. Enough to make DP punch himself in the nuts!

Note to _SPACE_ :
Thank you for mentioning me on your site. And yes, I do want you to start making up things about me...now that I'm not the most popular person on the internet anymore, I could use the attention.

Anyhow, since the internet sucks so bad these days (come on! Snap to it, soul_d!), I'm going to make this short and leave you with a little nugget of advice:
"In our family, the rule was, never keep a soda can between your legs when you're in the car. My father told us this wicked story about a man who was driving with a can and between his legs and got into a bad car wreck. And pfffttt! He lost his Johnson. To this day, I cannot drive with a can between my legs. And I warn all my friends, too. I say, 'Don't do that man.' And they say, 'Why?' And I say: 'Because you could lose your uh-uh that way. I mean, seriously, man."
- Brad Pitt


End of Updates