Feb 26, 2002


Well...I've been meaning to post an update for almost a week now, but tonight I decided to clean up the house - and this is my break. Ok, so I haven't really started yet - I'll get to it. Anyways, to start things off I hope everyone had a great valentine's day filled with love, or at least a big juicy steak. If you can't have one, the other will do :).

I'm not going to even bother covering the two gold medals we rightfully obtained this past weekend. I'm sure you've all heard enough about it that I really couldn't offer anything more. Awesome...just awesome. I heard somebody mention today over lunch that the Canada-US game on Sunday scored as the most-watched and listened-to broadcast on Canadian TV/Radio ever. Apparently almost a third of our population was watching or listening to that game in one form or another - thats a pretty big deal. Oh well I said I wasn't going to talk about this so away I go...

Time to call Uncle Jed and your sixteen cousins over for the summer....the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has declared a Provincial Gopher Derby. Thats right...for a minimal entry fee of only $20 you can get out your guns, bow&arrows, traps or poisons and start a' killin. The 10 people with the most (frozen) gopher tails by June 23rd win. Dang, and just when I went and retired my old trusty throwin' rock!

Anyhow, the point of this story: Watch out for gun-weilding hillbillies this summer who may mistake your passing car as a huge mother-gopher.

I must say, I had quite the response to my love story link which I posted for valentine's day. Apparrently some readers were very disturbed by the content within the story. All I have to say is - if you could not see the love in that beautiful story then you are indeed a very evil and cruel person. Especially you Brian.

Now....news goes on. soul_d emailed me the other day (along with a flock of other people) with a link which he felt must absolutely be spread around the world. He finds it imperitive that everyone get a chance to read about the science set out for you on this site. Apparently the guy who wrote the page will pay $1000 to the first person who will disprove his theories of existance....check it out, and try not to go nuts reading the huge oversized fonts.

Blue4130 emailed me a video today which I simply couldn't hold back from showing you all. I think that soul_d will get a kick out of it especially. Click Here to download the video - its 13 megs but well worth it. I'd love to give you a hint as to what it is, but it would spoil the fun. Don't worry, its nothing dirty. However, Blue4130 DID send me some other content that WAS dirty, and I think I'll hold back from posting it at this time...

Also, here's another neat link for ya - a javascript clock. There's some pretty nifty math programming in there if you look at the code (if your into that sorta thing).

Well...I guess thats all I have for now. Good day, eh? And don't get caught with your pants down!


End of Updates