Nov 22, 2002 - Today is Prickle Prickle, the 71st day of aftermath in the YOLD3165


Well, I've tweaked the design of the page up a little bit, do you like it?

I'm not a very good liar - to be completely honest all of the HTML, code, and concept of this page was developed by a very good friend of mine, who also happens to be one of the better web developers I know: Dog Pound. Please take a moment to check out the DP-Cam to see what he is doing RIGHT NOW. Don't be fooled by thinking its a still-frame - thats realtime footage folks. This man takes his time!

Anyhow, I know y'all didn't come to this site to hear me talk about useless crap. You came here to see Guns, smokes, boobs, and maybe even a little bit of pussy. So there you go.

And just so that you can find your way around in your travels, here's a map:

...notice where the middle east is on this map? :P

Anyways thats it for today folks...


End of Updates