Dec 29, 2002 - New Years, Clones and DMX. The perfect match!


Well, christmas has come and gone once again and I trust that everyone is happy with their hoards of diamonds and gold nuggets that they received in their fat stockings hung above their stupid fireplaces. I know I am.

I thought I'd take a minute to do a quick update for two reasons. First of all I wanted to post this flash video for Audiophile before the yuletide season was over. Audiophile loves BK so I'm hoping that this will make him cry.

Second of all, for those of you who know my personally - I'm having a New Year's party at my place, so please feel free to stop on by and trash my house. Unit3 will be there, so I'm sure there won't be much left to wreck by the time you arrive anyhow. As for this site - believe it or not I'm still working on it. The search engine in the menu bar now works _much_ better than it did before, so if you really need to find that update from 2 years ago that mentioned "eating babies" then you should be able to locate it without scrolling through 2 years of shit. Also, I've changed the update title bar a little bit so that you can click on the author's name to view all updates by that author (you can also do this from the Bios section. So now you can view all of Dog Pound's updates if you actually wanted to do that for some reason. Yay!

In other news today, the DMX show here in Saskatoon was cancelled after customs wouldn't let the rap star into the country. At this point they are not saying why, although it is generally assumed it has something to do with his impressive criminal record. On the other hand, while customs officials were busy trying to hold him back they accidently let 5 muslim terrorists slip into the US. Oops!

And for those of you interested in cloning, the supposed first cloned human baby arrives in the US today where it will be tested to validate claims that the child is indeed a clone, and therefore the world's first cloned human. Read the rest of this interesting story here.


End of Updates