Jan 07, 2003 - Get your hands off my turkey, jerky!


Well now - let me just start by saying there is a great chronicle of the new years party on the new Demoni.ca. There you can find out all the latest gossip about the attendees, and maybe even learn some things you didn't know!??

Now that New Years is well behind us, it's time to move on and accept that the world is yet another year closer to it's eventual anhilation by space aliens. Can we have a moment of silence please? For god's sake won't somebody think of the children? At least think about the Turkey!! ...

Mmmm...turkey.... sure beats mastering the piano with your shlong. But then again, that could come in handy!

I don't really have much to say today except that I am working on an article - which will be the first RBlords article since April of 2001!! Expect it in the next couple of days...(hey, you have to admit I've been a lot more regular with my updates lately - so give me some credit!).


End of Updates