Jan 16, 2003 - A barrel-full of fun! But not in a donkey kong smashing sort of way...


Well now, it's a cold day in hell when mrp of pwrsrc.net contributes content towards our site, but nevertheless it has happened. mrp has prepared a comic for today's update that is both emotional, and deeply metaphorical. Please, take a moment to have a look. Please try to contain your tears (of joy). And if you'd like to take a stab at making your own comic but you're too lazy to open up MS Paint, click here to use the new 'RBlords Comic Maker'. Just click 'Send' when you're done and the comic will be sent to be for approval.

The Saint contacted me by email a couple days ago to express his conern that the new Dodge super-bike (see Jan 4th Update) looks suspciously similar to another bike he has seen in movies. Could this be the dawning of a new age where light-cycle racing is finally not only possible, but required to settle disputes in our municipal court system? Lets hope so - maybe the price for a trip into space will come down a bit as well. If I could only hold myself back from constantly buying replica space station modules I might have a chance to afford it...

Audiophile sent me this contribution to my "Signs you live in the ghetto" collection. This is actually a picture of one of Blue4130's first BMXs. He found the suspension a little hard, and the bike itself was really hard to manual so he traded it in.

Speaking of Audiophile, he is planning on returning to the bridge city late next week from his month-long vacation in BC. I haven't quite had the heart to tell him yet that DP ransacked his apartment, stole all his furniture, and ate all of his fine aged cheddar. Either way, I beleve he is returning on the 24th so we will be having a get together at the old haunted Sutherland residence to celebrate his return, and to finish off the rest of the booze that was leftover from new years.

I guess it's time to throw out some content now. I came across this picture on the net the other day and thought it was neat. Stare at it for awhile and it'll drive you nuts.

Also, I'm afraid I'm going to have to force you to watch this video because it's hillarious. I can't tell you anything about it because it'll ruin the surprise. Just watch it!.

Also also - you may have noticed the appearance of an 'RBlords Cam' in the menu bar to the left. I plan on setting up a camportal page very soon, but that will come in good time. Thanks to Larmal for the donation of the old EJ cam...

...and that's about it. Back to work for me!


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