Feb 11, 2003 - Phun with VPNs - is that an oxymoron?


Well, the RBlords network is now officially connected to the Powersource network once again via VPN. What does this mean for you guys? Absolutely nothing. Why am I even mentioning it then? I guess because I'm a sad and lonely man with nothing better to talk about and hoped that some fellow geek would find it interesting. What, you don't? Bah!!

Oh well - I'm sure the only reason my readers even visit this site is because of the pictures of strippers and bikini powerpoint presentations. Well,in the interest of science I will give you something to think about today.

Invisible Coat?!?
Now tell me honestly - how many of you have toyed with the idea of creating an invisible coat? With countless theories abound which include special diamond coated sheets which refract light *around* your own body, no scientist will tell you that the ability to wear an invisibility coat is entirely impossible - but the manufacturing of such a device is still, perhaps, a long way off.

Well - professor Susumu Tachi of Toyko is at least trying (see picture on the left). Although his invention is a bit impracticle for mobile use, you have to admit the idea is appealing. Especially when they mention the uses this technique might have in medical practices. Click on the picture on the left to read the full article, where you can also view a video of the device in use (click on the smaller photo on the left of the article).

Now that you've had a chance to get your brain thinking, take a stab at understanding _SPACE_'s new comic for rblords. It should be noted that I hounded her until she eventually submitted, and I don't think that she was very happy about the whole ordeal. I believe that the aristry put into the comic reveals the anger that she was feeling for me at that moment in time. Beautiful stuff.

Valentine's day is coming up, you can expect an RBlords exclusive report to celebrate it. At least I think you can - if I don't forget. That's all for now!


End of Updates