Mar 02, 2003 - Minstrel music, helper monkeys, and bush??


Guess I'm long due for an update here - although you have to admit I really had the ball rolling there for a couple weeks. Ahhh, good times. Now I suppose it's time for me to make excuses as to where I've been - but I really can't think of anything. Oh I know - I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer - which means my trusty BP6 has finally been retired after giving me a good 4 years of service.

Well, first off lets get this show started with the second installment of 'Ukranian StarTrek' by soul_d...check it out in the comic section. I'm running low on comics people, so please fire up those creative, juicy braincells and scribble out some 'art' for me. COME ON!!!

More Bush Pics: [1] [2]
I should mention that I just got home from attending my first ever night of Telemiracle. That's right, I actually went and watched the show live for a couple hours and got to scream "RING THOSE PHONES" at the top of my lungs while stuffing my face with french fries and drinking mountian dew. Earlier in the evening I attended part of the Saskatoon Winter Meltdown Blues Festival and got to see the Dave Clark band featuring Amos Garrett on guitar. What a great (and unique) blues guitarist, and Dave Clark has got to be the best tenor saxaphone player I've ever seen live. What really impressed me is how the show was a 100% non-smoking event. You have to understand - this is a blues festival here, everyone smokes. Needless to say they still packed the place and had to turn people away at the door - so there goes the theory of losing business by going non-smoking!

Now lets take a breif moment away from all this serious talk, and focus on funner things - like tattoo'd dinks and bad team photos. Why stop there? How about some boobs - or maybe just some damn poor road planning. Can you tell I'm trying to offload some content here?

I have become temporarily fascinated by a band called Blackmore's Night. Remember Richie Blackmore? Well, even if you don't you should at least remember Deep Purple, for whom he played lead guitar. If you don't remember Deep Purple, who should at least remember their biggest hit "Smoke on the Water". ANYHOW, Richie Blackmore is one hell of a guitarist - very underrated in my opinion...but what I didn't know about him is that he has since created a new band, along with his wife Candice Night. The music? Some sort of mix between contemporary rock and mideivel bard songs. Have a listen yourself, it's really quite interesting stuff. DO IT!!

And since I haven't had a video on here for quite awhile - please take some time and download this car dealership commercial. It's 3 megs, but well worth it because it involves cars and helper monkeys. Best of all, it's funner than any game that soul_d might trick you into playing.

What else happened this weekend - oh yes, I attended _SPACE_'s housewarming party (she figured I'd forget!) on Friday and had a really good time. What a neat house too, I'm really impressed - not to mention the great job they did refinishing the original hardwood floors! Good job guys - makes me think about renovating my place...heh...hmmm....well, maybe not. That sounds/looks like a lot more work than I'm willing to commit!

And on that note, I'm off to bed. I advise you do the same (and I don't care what time it is when you read this). Keep it real, peace and all that jazz.


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