Mar 06, 2003 - Exciting Happenings...


Well, there's been a little bit of action in the Rappablords community as of late. For one, yc has been donated a lot of his time towards developing a web interface for creating/editing updates on the site. This will make it much easier for all you non-techno junkies to update if you want to. I'm not sure what inspired yc to develop this - but I get the strange feeling this web app is going to lock me out of my own site, and then he's going to ask for money in order to get control back. Or perhaps he's just going to triX0r me into giving him my secret password, thus turning rblords into a horse pr0n site. Either way, I guess you win.

First up today (and what a rare occasion this is!) is an article. Yes, that's right - the first one since....well, since DP wrote a page about Mr. Roboto in 2001!! Well - the author of this article has requested to remain anonymous so I will comply to his wishes out of desperation for actual content. So here it is.

Second on the agenda is another comic. This officially exhausts my supply of 'art', and as you can see I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. But - it IS drawn by the great !zebu! so I have to respect that. Why don't you go have a look.

Now to link to some outside content. EVERYBODY HAS TO SEE THIS. I had to read this article exactly 153 times before I could believe it - but apparently it is true! Shit, why couldn't this happen when I was pre-16 - I'm sure it would have helped me to develop into an even more twisted, perverted slimeball than I already am. I mean come on!! Now that's edu-ma-cation!

Looking for some games to play to pass the time away? Audiophile sent in this fun Michael Jackson game to drive you crazy. I especially like the evil spiders he throws at you between hucking babies off of the building! In addition kujo sent in this stick fighting game, "Backdoor Shot", and "Finger Fillet". Those should amuse you for hours...

Looking to actually learn something? Well - yc sent me a spam email today that made me realize why I don't want to use gay spam filtering software like Unit3 - check out Lezbo 101 class!

Ok that's it for today. Blue4130 just informed me that he has aquired a new webcam, so be on the lookout for an RBlords cam portal to appear in the not to distant future! If anyone wants to be part of it, all you have to do is ask. Oh yeah, and complete the Lezbo 101 class.


End of Updates