Mar 27, 2003 - Isn't spring-time yet??!?


Oh man, I still can't get over that stupid cartoon-shockwave thing in the last update - it's hillarious! If you'd like to see more like that, go to this fuX0red up site. Seriously, some of those animations are beyond my comprehension entirely.

Yesterday I was quoted in the Ottawa Citizen in a piece discussing the success of Pink Floyd's 30 year old album The Dark Side of the Moon. It was part of a post I made to a forum a while back, where I posted under the name 'barlent'. A picture of the article is here since they've pulled it off of already. Not much of a quote, but hey I was still impressed they used it.

Aha! Springtime is here, and soon us Saskatchewanians will be able to enjoy the 2 weeks of warmth we get each year, before returning to our caves and igloos yet again. Although winter didn't exactly seem to drag on like it did last year (to me, anyways) I'm still looking forward to it. And what better way to celebrate than attending the anual first car show of the year? Well - other than a lesbian sleepover party, I suppose.

I've also taken the week after Easter off - not sure why. Oh wait yeah I do - the combination of hollidays and EDOs that month fall so that I only need to burn up 3 of my actual hollidays to get 10 concecutive days off, so I figured I'd be stupid NOT to take advantage of that. Guess this will be my chance to do some spring cleaning, and maybe polish up the boat a bit in anticipation of those two weeks of warmth I was talking about. Oh, and also maybe plant some grass - weather permitting, of course.

Perhaps, like the girl on the right, I'll even get around to doing some fishing this year. I might finally get a chance to try out my new, 30 year old fish finder. (long bamboo stick).

Well guys - I'm really sorry to do this to you, but I'm afraid since nobody else has drawn me any more comics lately, I'm forced to put up "Part 2" of the "Ghetto Kitty" series. And there are a lot more where those came from too!

Alright....I'm obviously scraping the bottem of the barrel here so I'm going to start randomly throwing up content that has been mailed in to me. For starters, I really think that all of you should take a good look at this flash nice music video that Fredish sent me. It involves lobsters and magnets, how can you resist? And if that really confused you, here's a page of various monkies that Blue4130 sent inclined to send in. He also mentioned something about a survey, and called me a bitch. He sounded like he was in a hurry.

One last thing before I take off - have a look at this picture. Imagine this is the first thing you see as you open your eyes in the morning. Now tell me if this is a bad thing or not? Honestly, I can't seem to decide!


End of Updates