Apr 07, 2003 - Loads of...uhh....content...


Well well, way too much content for today. You guys are going to be blown away. Honestly! Well, that is if I find the energy to actually type it all out. You see I've got this advanced stage of don't-fucking-want-to-update disorder. I think I caught it from mrp somehow even though we don't even live in the same country.

Anyhow, first on the list (as if there's any order to begin with) Demoni.ca has been updated to the new site layout! Go check it out, as I see he has finally gotten rid of those pop-up side menus that seemed to screw up in IE so freakin bad. Also he's started a cam portal and added my cam to it, so I guess I should do the same. Blue4130 has been talking of doing the same, even though he no longer runs a site.

Next on the list - look out internet, there are two new webpages in town which have been breaking hit counter records since they first graced the net only a matter of days ago (thanks to extensive SPAM advertising and political bribes, not to mention that spot on PBS). Make way for Dog Pound's online weblog, and "Popcorn Pimpin'" (Audiophile's new site - which is also primarily a weblog). Make sure to check them regularily, especially Audiophile's site...but especially Dog Pound's site.

Click for Video of Sasko's table breaking!

That said, another RBlords super-viewer has news to share - Regan of Regland has been accepted into some stupid university which is causing her to move away. Oh....oops, it's 'McGill university' and I guess this is pretty good news and I should be proud of her, which I am, but she still has to move away which sucks. Seriously, I'm almost as upset as that time _SPACE_ moved away for a whole year to that stupid town in stupid BC.

As for local news - thanks so Soul_D's weather machine we've been stuck with snow up to our knees for the past week. This came conveiniently the day after I put plates on my motorcycle. I think maybe soul_d should spend less time building diabolical contraptions, and more time running his internet.

Wow. Hope you've already clicked on the video up there! That was of course from the recent Sasko hot tub / bday / annual party from a couple weeks ago. But of course I've saved the last - I know you've all been waiting to see me drink from the golden challice again, and now you can finally relive the memory. Click here to watch the clip! These video clips were filmed on a little digital camera, pretty impressive hey? I didn't know they were even building them with sound now!

Aww crap I'm running out of time ... uhh ... new comic today...uhhh look here. Uhhh and if you wanna see something gross, look here. Welllll....on that note!


End of Updates