Jun 20, 2003 - Downtime


Whoops...had about a day of downtime there (if anyone noticed). My ip changed for the first time in over a year! Anyhow, should be back to normal now, and since I'm delivering this message I'd might as well do a full update with it.

What a busy, busy summer this year! I have arrived at the point in my life where, one by one (or two by two, I suppose), many of my friends are getting married. And as nice as that is IT SURE FUCKS UP MY SUMMER! I mean sheesh, I only have one opportunity to use my boat between now and August 15th! Hmmm well I'm sure this 'trend' will wear off over the next 10 years sometime. In addition to this my partner in crime at work is leaving so I'm stuck with having to hold the fort down until they re-hire his position, and *I* train him. This means no hollidays for me until mid-July at the earliest. But don't worry Kujo, I can still swing July 11th for YOUR WEDDING :P.

Okay, now onto the content (which is why you all read this site anyhow - right?). First of all, check out the new comic today, it's truly delicious.

I haven't posted a video on here for a very long time, so I suppose it's overdue. So have a look at this sweet cigar commercial, before checking out this awesome x-ray.

Hmmm - wow, I'm actually running out of things to say/post - so that's all the content for today! Last but not least - here's a blonde moment for everyone to share.
The joys of minor league hockey!

Now to the important stuff - it's Blue4130's birthday part today (his actual bday was yesterday) and it's going to be at the Scuz, so if you'd like to join the RBlords crew there, we'll be there around 9:00, or slightly before. Rumor has it that YC may even grace us with his presence tonight, so it will indeed be a special night. Shit - that sounded way too gay. How about "Sounds like YCs going to be there - party at the slut factory, all the boobs you can eat". Yeah thats better.

And that's it!


End of Updates