Dec 01, 2003 - Catching Up


December is here at last, at that means its time to do my monthly update. Usually during winter I'm much more frequent about my updates, but I suppose I've managed to find enough other things to keep me busy with that I haven't really been bothered to put too much effort into the site. Nevertheless, with such great readers as yourselves - I can't avoid it forever!

I'd like to start off today by drawing your attention to the comic of the day submitted by none other that Shea Adonis himself. I'm hoping Shea will continue to send in comics of this awesome calliber in the future, so that I have something to replace the endless supply of Dick-Mouth comics submitted by soul_d on a regular basis.

Someone forwarded me this funny Australian beer commercial the other day and it made me laugh, so I'd better post it. I just think its hillarious when the guy opens the beer on his head and his friend smacks his back to knock the cap off - I really have to try that. And since we have beer covered, here's a great truck video that Shane sent to me last week...some of you have probably already seen it, but its worth another watch. And to finish off the content for the guys, here's a boob picture...go packers!

On the right you will see a very proud, happy man. You might think this is because he beat anorexia, or perhaps because he's finally managed to grow a full, hearty porn-stache - but the real reason is because he finally had the courage to grab a handful of his best friend's ass....and for that split second, my friend, this man was truley the king of the world.

Everyone should know that December is the month of birthdays....this month will be full of celebrations, starting tomorrow (Monday) when we will be getting together to celebrate Ian's special day. Next weekend a bunch of us will be making the trip down to Wascana to show the queen city what is means to celebrate G-Hump day. Once we get back, we will have a full 2 weeks to get ready for Dog Pound's annual drunk-fest birthday, leading into the next week when we celebrate the birthday of the biggest party animal of them all - Jesus. Also somewhere in there will be Fredish's birthday but I'm not sure when she wants to have it. Also happy birthday to Bruce, Brian and my brother Mat, That's all I can think of right now but that should do...

Hmmm, uhh.... hmmm.....well, can't think of much more to say.

Guess that means the update is over! Hoo-hah!


End of Updates