Dec 18, 2003 - Too many updates in one month!


Well, Dog Pound's birthday is coming up, and if there is one birthday you are going to remember this year it is going to be his (thats a fact). Soul_d has even prepared a special flash video for the occasion so have a look - all the details are there.

And if you would like to see a breif sample of what will be happening on Saturday, take a look at this comic drawn by none other than Unit3.

And last but not least - please visit this webpage for some hilarious xmas flash adventures. DO IT. And don't let the cute faces fool you, they are really horribly evil little tree animals.

I guess that's it...for those who don't already know, I will be hosting a New Years bash this year. There will be some special guests attending, including Kujo from the wintery lands of Morinville, and myself. What else could you ask for? Unfortunately Dog Pound won't be making it this year, but that just means we will have to destroy him this Saturday.

I believe our friend redbandana ha agreed to make a few jello shooters for the party, while I am promising to be serving some Vodka-special minipitchers to all those you want some. JayB has also promised to beat the crap outta some guy at the party that he doesn't if you don't know JayB.... COME ON DOWN!!



End of Updates