Dec 23, 2003 - Merry X-Mas!?


Almost Christmas....has everyone got their shopping done? For the first time ever I think I'm actually done shopping BEFORE christmas eve. Now I can just sit back and wait to celebrate the big J's birthday. I've decided, based on other recent birthday traditions, that on the 25th I should down 5 mini-pitchers of holy water.

GREG PREDIGER?!?! Aaaanyhow, Dog Pound's bday bash last weekend went really well! I managed to meet my previous record of 5 minipitchers, unfortunately drinking 3 rum&coke's before the bar prevented me from breaking the record....but it was good times besides! Since I don't really have any pictures of the night myself, I've included a picture of Greg Prediger taking a leak in somebody's gastank the next morning after he woke up on somebody's lawn hungover. The funny thing is, he wasn't even at the party. Good times!

I do remember giving Shea Adonis a hard time about drawing some additional comics for the website, and he actually did! In fact I have two of them now, and let me tell you - they are gold material. I'll post the first one today so check it out!

For those of you who like to see large military vehicles crashing (Dog Pound) - here's what happens when your helicopter doesn't quite make the landing on the aircraft carrier. Youch...

Oh well, Merry Christmas and all that stuff if I don't update before then....have a good one. Afterwards make sure to rest up for the big New Years party at my place. For a look at how crazy it *could* be, have a look at the update from last year...w00t!


End of Updates