May 28, 2004 - Rblords is now officially Atkins friendly!


Well, Pike Lake 2K4 is over, and has been over for awhile, so I guess I'd better post an update for those who missed it!

Overall, despite lower attendance this year, I was very impressed by the trip as a whole. At the beginning of the weekend it looked as if the weather was not going to cooperate, but it turned out to be just fine. There were a lot of parties going on around us, mostly younger kids (I say kids - but I'm talking 19 year olds) but they were great entertainment most of the time. Also, we had some great neighbors who were much closer to our age who were cool to hang out with. Anyhow, I guess I would have to say the highlights of the weekend were:

  • Dog Pound bringing out the '74 Pontiac to rival the chauchy Camaros in brake torque competitions.
  • The look on the guys face at the Huddle when I showed him my "Huddle" T-Shirt.
  • Steven and James getting flashed up close by a 16 year old who was visiting our site.
  • Steven and I witnessing a guy getting beat, and then the other guys fleeing in their truck after first smashing it into a tree (turn on your lights before making a getaway at 3:00am)
  • Some black dude walking around pissed out of his tree with an almost empty Texas Mickey of Canadian Club.
  • Every black dude in Saskatoon was at Pike Lake except for Dut.
  • Wrapping myself up in toilet paper and storming down the beach like a mummy.
  • Myself and Paula swinging 'Butterfly' style on the swingset = pain.
Another nice thing about this year's experience was that we didn't get in any trouble with the COs. In fact, we were asked many times to let them know if the other 'kids' were bothering us - and I received many compliments on my car. The fact that the COs had no interest in kicking us out also made us feel old.

Of course there were other regular Pike Lake happenings - like the mandatory nature trail hike, breaking into the mini-putt course (which didn't QUITE happen) and spending lots of time eating greasy food at the huddle and playing old arcade games. Good times. For those of you who want pictures, you'll have to bug Blue4130 for some as he was the only one with a camera. If he manages to develop some and scan them I'll happily post them - I know it will make The Saint happy.

So anyhow - SUMMER IS HERE! At least it will be very quickly. Soul_d was asknig me about a camping trip on June 11th/12th - it seems thats about my only option for all of June but its not going to work for almost everyone else. We'll have to see what happens, I really don't want to get stuck not getting out more than a couple times this summer. Last year that is what happened with all of the weddings going on...

If anyone is interested in what is going on in my life - I've been trying to get back onto finishing the garage lately. Put some poly up the other day...this weekend I will be wiring a 220 plug, and finishing the 2nd wall. Still not sure what the situation will be come winter in regards to heating the damn thing, but we'll see what seems practical at the time. If all goes well I could be starting my firebird project this September/October - so here's hoping!

Mmmmmm.....low Carb tacos

There is also some work to be done to the boat before it will be ready for this season....I've noticed a fairly significant crack in the fiberglass near the top of the hull which really should be dealt with before it gets bigger. Also, I need to get the front light working, get a new hitch and get a new tire for the trailer. Hmmm, actually that sounds like a lot, doesn't it? I also need to scrap that '79 Dodge truck in my garage, hopefully tomorrow, and sell the Monaco. Lots to little time!

But that stuff is boring - and I haven't posted a video for a long time. Seeing as how I've been talking so much about camping, I think this one is only appropriate. Make sure to check it out, its totally worth it!

And saving the best for last....I was browsing through the Usefilm galleries today with soul_d and discovered a picture which made both of us crap our pants and roll around laughing for 15 minutes. When the laughing subsided, I proceeded to cry for no apparent reason, and now I fear I will be up all night - haunted by this disturbing image. And so, with an introduction like that - BEHOLD THE ART.

There is a new comic today....unfortunately. I really would appreciate some better material here, guys and gals. Other than the contant barrage of submissions I receive daily from soul_d like this and this - I am forced to pick the only other option, which is to contine releasing these progressively horrible Protein Man Comics. So here you are - the latest and greatest.

And thats all I have to talk about now - looking forward to another long weekend. Yay EDOs!


End of Updates