Jul 29, 2004 - 2 Weeks left until Tub 2K4!


Howdy folks....another week, another update...

Ran into Kujo shortly after we returned from the lake and he informed me that he can not make it down for the hot tub party. This makes me sad....and MAD!! In fact it made me so made that I decided to google-bomb his website...but after I realized he didn't have one, I just sent him some anthrax in the mail. And when I say anthrax I actually mean crushed up lick-a-maid sticks. And when I mean crushed up lick-a-maid sticks, I actually mean nothing at all. Hmph. Anyhow, if you're reading this Kujo - call in sick!!

Uhhh...yeah. Hey! I received a comic the other day by a new reader! See if you can guess who it is.....if it isn't obvious by the email address! Anyhow, check out the new comic here!

Well folks....two more weeks until Tub 2K4!

Click on the image to the right for the official invite, provided as always by the originator of this fine tradition - soul_d. Make sure the watch the whole thing, as its kinda in two parts - especially you, Dog Pound! This invite both scares me and excites me at the same time, I'm not sure what to think.

I can say, however, that I've had many emails on the subject of the party - sounds like a lot of people have been looking forward to the event and thats awesome! There are very few people from last year that won't be making it again this year, yet there are also many new people coming - so it should be a blast indeed. I even picked up a crappy foosball table the other day to add to the 'games area'. (And no, it wasn't from Sharon - she's still 'fresh out').
Thats right....ITS TIME!!!

I guess my birthday is also coming up (the 5th) - I'm hoping already looking forward to my birthday teen-burger (mmmm). That's the only thing better than a gummi-lunch, my friends.

Let's see....what else is there to talk about? I ran into Blue4130's Del-Sol last week....that wasn't exactly cool - in fact it makes me mad because I didn't even realize I hit it! Damnit - maybe I need glasses?? Hmm....oh yeah, and I actually booked another bike road test (yeah, I've been driving 2 years without a full licence - so what??). On August 9th...I'd better remember to show up!

I'd better come up with some interesting content fast, before I lose you all...uhhhh....OO OO! Check out this SWEET Castlevania Flash game!. Whoever designed that thing must have spent a hell of a long time putting it together! Also - check out Ebay to get yourself pictures of a drunk, armless midgit!!

And here's an interesting site which archive videos taken of staged situations with a high-framerate camera. Check out the sweet clips of guys punching each other in the face. Now thats good science!

And last but not least, check out the trailer for the latest game from Vitrelecix!! (the guys from HomeStarRunner.com)...

there you go...some actual content. Time to go - see ya'll later!


End of Updates