Feb 06, 2005 - Updatez in the hizz-ouse


So I've been delaying on this update for awhile, although the only reason I can provide is pure laziness, and having lost the will to upkeep this website yet again. It's a love-hate relationship that I have with this website, really.

First off I'd better fill everybody in on the Vegas/Houseboat news. I beleive we have all available slots full for both trips so there are no worries there. In addition, last weekend I had the opportunity to inspect a couple of potential limousine's to purchase for the ride down to Nevada - a 1985 Cadillac 60" stretch limo, and a 1989 Lincoln 70" stretch limo. Given the prices and conditions of these vehicles the Lincoln is a definate winner - and although I will be keeping my eyes out for any better deals, this will likely become our ride. Once the snow starts to clear I'm hoping to take it out for a test drive and see how it handles on the road.

So that being said, anyone reading this who is involved in either trip please get your down-payments in to me asap.

Click for full picture - DO IT!! That aside, I have some useless information to share with all of you. For starters, I know most of us are pretty big google fans, but I'm afraid there is a new search engine on the internet which may deserve some attention - Gizoogle. Try a few searches and I'm sure you will be very impressed with the results.

Also, for those of you who are big Daily Show fans, you've probably already seen this - but if not, check out Jon Stewart trash-talking CNN Crossfire's Tucker Carlson during the '04 presidential campaign. You can watch Jon Stewart's followup on his own show here. Tucker has since been fired/quit from CNN to persue a talk show on MSNBC - but apparently Jon Stewart's comments regarding how shows like Crossfire are "hurting America" struck a chord with Jon Klein, the new president of CNN

And just for the ratings - I'm going to post a video of a gymnast performing topless.

I'd also like to note that we need some more comic entries, and although soul_d's contributions have been great - lets get some other artists in here as well! Especially Dog Pound, whose elusive humour leaves us scratching our heads for days.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Mr. Sasko and Robin Sasko for inviting me out for the wicked pub crawl last weekend. It was a riot, and I had a blast at the Hose even though we lost Travis. He appears to be alive and well however, as I attended a Texas hold-em poker tournament at his place last night. So thank-you to Travis for pulling that off as well and ending up with all of my money (Who knew Shannon was such a good bluff??)

Not much else to say - I'm keeping pretty busy over the past couple weeks with small jobs on the side which are tying up my evening time - but the money is good since I'm going to be pinching pennies for the next couple months in preparation for the big Vegas trip. Maybe if I can get good enough at bluffing Shannon, I can win back enough money next game to pay my way to vegas, where I can bet it all and come back a millionaire. Hey, it could happen.

But thats all I've got!


End of Updates