Feb 21, 2005 - Reactor Party


Well, no sense in updating unless there is news to report....

Seems we managed to make it through January and February without a Holo-cost (aka Hollo-palooza), so although that was sort of disapointing - Soul_D would like all of the party people out there to know that there is salvation - the Physics Students Society's 'Reactor' party coming up this Friday (click on poster for more details). Cost is $5 and sounds like a wild time - click here for the trailer. See you all there!...

I was reminded the other day by a concerned party that I never mentioned the awesome UofS Bio-Chem beer night that I attended a few weeks back - anyhow good job Fredish and Sharon on one of the best beer nights I've been to. And I apologize if the city hall crew terrorized the party too much, but they had a great time also.

This past weekend was yet another pub crawl - which I thought was Lily's birthday but apparently was not. In fact the pub crawl was for a gentleman whom I never even had the chance to meet that night. But on the upside it was another good time, with good company. Indeed, my own personal minipitcher collection has now grown by 7. Also Dog Pound was thrown in the drunk tank after swinging at a cop, and I walked out of a 7-11 with a $7 Hungarian sub which I didn't pay for. Good timez.

And as long as we are on the subject of get-togethers, it appears that Soul_D may be putting together a house-arrest party this coming month so keep an eye out for that as well...

In other fun-time news, both the Vegas trip and the Houseboat trip are signed, sealed and promise to deliver. By this I mean that the roster is full and so long as everyone involves pays up for the Houseboat trip by the 14th of March then we're in good shape.

I would also like to present, for those who have not seen it, Microsoft's new guide to internet slang. Finally I know what the difference between a n00b and a newbie is!! Thanks to razor for the link.

And before I go, please treat yourself to some awesome videos of people doing stupid, painful things. First check out this body slam off of a house roof....then check out how NOT to ramp a go-cart. I know that Dog Pound and Unit3 will enjoy these.

...and that's it for now!


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