Jul 18, 2005 - Official Tub Invite


Just a quick update today - first and foremost the houseboating trip was a success and I hope that everybody had a great time! For those who attended - expect a partial refund to be coming your way, as we ended up under budget on a number of items. Not bad, hey? Anyhow, I will be looking into booking the trip again for next year, so I will be in touch with all of this years 'attendees' to see if they are interested.

Second, the official Hot Tub 2K5 party invite is ready, care of soul_d of course. You can watch it HERE.

Since our music system from last year turned out to be such a success, I have decided it would be a wise idea to repeat it. Therefore the ftp site is now open for all of you to upload any music you'd like to hear played at the upcoming party.

Just FTP to Rblords.com, Username: hottub Password: 2k5 (all lower case)

...and upload away! Make sure to rename to songs to include your name as well. If this turns out like last year - we will end up with far more music than could possibly be played, so it is good to know who uploaded each track so that when we need to sort through them, we make sure not to remove all of one persons tracks by mistake!

And last note about the upcoming hot tub party - there has been interest in setting up a webcam again this year and I don't see why this would be a problem. If anyone has a camera they'd like to donate, we could always use more angles. One that could see half decent in low light situations wouldn't be half bad either!

Oh, and for those who haven't heard yet - mrp WILL be making it to the party this year, all the way from San Jose just for the event (and to kick some ass).

See you there!


End of Updates