Sep 21, 2005 - Salt Lake City


Wow....keep meaning to get around to doing an update but things have just been really busy as of late! So here it is....finally....and hopefully some decent content too.

Blue4130, Soul_D and myself went for a jaunt down to Salt Lake City for the annual Pilgrimage Demo Competition. This year we managed to get there in time to enjoy two entire days in the city, instead of just one and a bit...which was nice. Blue4130 was able to put his new fancy camera to the test in capturing a few of the MANY beautiful mormon ladies in the area. In addition to this we hit a bar called Area 51 which just happened to be hosting its annual wet T-Shirt competition that night (thanks Jen), and then managed to make it to the Piper Down (which we visited last year) for "6 months to St. Patrick's Day" night, which was pretty crazy also. As an added bonus, Soul_D got to drink Pabst on the interstate which has been a life-long dream of his.

Feel free to click on the images to the right to see the extent of our trip....
SLC Girls
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So other than the SLC trip, I've been keeping busy with contractors and such - rebuilding my poor basement. Also, I am in the process of getting a gas line put in this weekend so that I will finally be able to heat my garage. Woohoo! Perhaps some actual car work will finally get done??

Anyhow, onto the interesting stuff....everyone should check out this awesome video of a hyptonized group of people humping their chairs. Then its time to watch this video to get an idea of what I do when I hit the gym after work.

For the guys out's some scenery. First off, Paris Hilton's boob, then this great shot of the CN tower. And to finish it off for today, here's a game that should keep all you pimps busy for hours!

I'll be back with more....I promise!


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