Oct 25, 2005 - All sorts of delicious junk!


Once a month.....hey, at least I'm consistant - and in the end, isn't that all that really matters?

Click for more carvings! First and foremost I am updating to let everyone know that there will be a halloween party at my place this Saturday, Oct. 29th. Come one, come all - and dress up if you can find a costume!! Halloween is usually a lot of fun and this year is no exception!

Secondly, the Salt Lake City Pictures are up so go ahead and check them out. These are Blue4130's pics taken with his new fancy digital camera, so if you'd like the full size version of any of these photos just talk to him and you'll get them in some ridiculously high quality!

Are you still paying attention?? I know this is a lot of information for an RBlords update....just stick with me.

Unit3 forwarded me an mp3 today which I just have to share with everyone, so don't even consider not downloading it! ** HERE IT IS **. Download it!

(Check out the awesome 3d pumpkin carving on the left! Click for more!)

Another important announcment concerns RBlords itself, or at least the services of RBlords. I have been asked a number of times over the past few years to host many websites, some of which were business-related. Of course, having run this server since 1999 on a residential internet service, this was out of the question (My current ISP doesn't allow running servers period - let alone for business gain).

So...this got me thinking, which lead me to discussing this problem with reps from both SaskTel and Shaw. In the end, I have upgraded my service to a commercial internet service which offers me the ability to host whatever I want, even for business gain. So, for those of you who might be interested in running any sort of work-related website now can. I may just have to charge a small fee for these pages....but believe me it will be much cheaper than other alternatives out there! And if I somehow manage to make a profit off of this (doubt it...for now anyhow) - I promise to spend every cent of it on funny hats. THAT is a promise.

With that out of the way, I'd like to send a shout-out to Amy K and Amy S for meeting their lifelong hero, Dan Ackroyd at the bar in Calgary recently. If anyone sees these gals in the next little while just ask them about it, they are carrying framed pictures with them to prove it!

One last snippit of content (if you're still with me)....I know there was a video going around a few weeks ago slamming PETA, so on that note I have a HILLARIOUS video involving playing a prank on a nice (and gay, I do believe) PETA member. Watch it here!

And thats it for now....catch you all at the Halloween party on Saturday!


End of Updates