Dec 20, 2005 - New Years Party Invite


First and foremost, as I mentioned in yesterdays update, the New Years party invite is coming soon. So soon, in fact, that it just arrived. So without further delay, please:

**Click here to view the invite**

Just to be clear - everyone I know is invited to the new years party (next saturday) - just don't steal any of my stuff! I mean it! mrp will be in attendance this year - so that should give you an indication of how important this is. There are rumors of a wild like show but that has not yet been confirmed. Also, blue4130 has personally given the 'thumbs up' on the salvaged wine from the flood, and has also brewed up a batch of moonshine vodka which may be present at the party. Thats right, expect to go blind by 12:00!!

Alrighty....lets get some content on this site. Since we are all in the christmas spirit, and considering the amount of snow lying around outside this year - I think you all should check out this awesome 454 powered snowblower. Make sure to view the extra pictures!

Also, for you guys (and lesbians) I've posted some nice christmas cheer pictures to the right of this years 'Santa's Little Helper'. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to y'all!

Santa's Little Helper
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