1-9-t-h Street BBS

The infamous 1-9-t-h Street BBS, truley the heart of what eventually because Rappablords Online, was a local BBS located in Saskatoon from around 1994 to 1998, and then re-born a few times since. Much of what has now become Rappablords Online was once part of the BBS, including many of my devoted readers (Dog Pound, Blue4130, Unit3, mrp, soul_d and myself to name a few).

You can read the old description of the BBS here

Currently the BBS is hooked to the RBlords network and is accesible via the telnet protocol...unfortunately it does have a tendancy to hang occasionally (mainly when somebody dissconnects improperly - please log out!) but when this happens I will try to bring it back up as soon as I notice. Feel free to email me if this happens.

One other thing, if you'd like an account on the BBS (for some reason) - let me know. You can log on and poke around a bit with a new user account, but I'll have to grant you rights to give you any level of access to the fun stuff.

For those of you interested, this BBS system is run on an Amiga1200 computer using the FalconCBCS software written by a local friend in the city I live in. It was developed to be a Maximum look-alike clone and works very well for what it does. Oh yeah - and don't bother trying to download/upload files - that don't work so good through telnet :P Anyhow - to get going just click on the link below...

** 1-9-t-h Street BBS is currently Offline **