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D e m o n i . c a

P h o t o g e e k

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S o u l _ D

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b _ p i n k

D o c R a z o r

S a s k o P h o t o z

__SPACE__ - the artist, the ex-camaro owner

1. full name: Mel
2. date of birth: May 4, 1980
4. hair color? Brown
5. eye color? Blue
6. height: 5'9"
7. weight: 175lbs
8. favorite toothpaste? Whatever is in the bathroom
9. where do you live?: Just off dirty tird street
10. school?: CST 1 and 1/2
11. sibs: Four brothers: Jeff:31, Shawn:28, Bill:23, Doug:21
12. nickname: Mel, butch, space
13. bf/gf? Engaged to Ryan Noel Cey
14. close friends: Ryan(s), Ellen, Sarah, Casper
15. funniest person you know? Probably Baldwin - but he's weirder than he is funny
16. favorite shampoo/conditioner? Herbal Essence
17. favorite perfume/cologne: Heaven (Gap)
18. do you make fun of people? Uh huh
19. what's your dream car? Jim - but like NEW (1981 Camaro Z28)
20. piercings: One in each ear
21. favorite ice cream: Strawberry
22. favorite soda: This must be american - it's POP - sprite
23. when is your bedtime? 10:30p.m.
24. favorite book: The Eyes of the Dragon (King)
25. have you ever broken a bone? yes (left ankle in grade 5)
26. ever cheated on a test? Does is count if I wrote it on my hand?
27. do you believe in love at first sight? No - I thought I was in love with Ryan Baldwin, I was going to hook Ellen up with Ryan Cey
28. do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or blah to romance? In the middle???
29. are you into PDAS? Uh, well, not as much as I used to be...
30. pool or hot tubs? Tub
31. thunderstorms- exciting or deadly? Wonderous - the clouds just before a storm at dusk are my favorite thing to paint.
32. tall or short? Taller than I
33. when was the last time you took a shower? This morning
34. do you have aol? those damn yankees
35. best feeling in the world: To really trust someone (especially if you have ever been screwed around on)
36. worst feeling in the world: Lactose Intolerance/IBS attacks
37. if you could change one thing about the past what would it be? I would bring back Shawn McLean (He died in a car crash in Grade 5)
38. do you have braces? no
39. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I want black hair
40. who is your role model? My Dad, my mom, Shawn & Janice
41. favorite fast food restaurant: McDonalds
42. least favorite fast food place: Dairy Queen
43. where did you go to elementary school? Eston Elementry School
44. what is your most humiliating moment? ????
45. guys, with or without hats? Whatever
46. favorite soundtrack: Trainspotting
47. 1st thought when you wake up in the morning: "Ryan, stop pressing SLEEP and get the hell out of bed so I can get back to my raunchy sex dreams."
48. where do you see yourself in 10 years? Some place warmer I suppose
49. what religion are you? Anglican
50. favorite number(s)? 4
51. do you like the phone or computer better? computer
52. ever had an online relationship? Yes
53. when was the last party you went to? Do wedding's count? If they do, it was 2 days ago. If not, it was Razor kegfest 2000
54. when was the best party ever? Loni's house party - grade 11
55. most romantic thing ever done for you: Ryan buys me flowers all the time
56. high school nicknames: Mel, Tit-Head (That was really Jay's nickname, but some ass wipe thought because I dated him that they could call me that too)
57. boxers or briefs: panties damnit!
58. favorite teacher: Mr. Carl Hanson
59. least favorite teacher: Mr. Sahut "Riding BIG BEN, Riding BIG BEN" (Don't ask)
60. favorite web site: This one
61. do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yes - Charity Bear for about 13 years now (I've NEVER washed him, and YOU can't make me)
62. 1 pillow or 2? Two
63. is the glass half empty or half full? Half Full
64. pets/names: Cat:Peter
65. do you get along with your parents? Yes
66. job: Programs Assistant (Summer) - Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition
67. hobbies: Listening to music, getting fat, programming
68. best advice ever given: Eat shit and die
69. words/phrases you use to much: Anything variation on the words fuck/shit/ass
70. coolest experience(s): I went to Maui when I was 16
71. scariest experience(s): Working at Revy
73. favorite summer activity: Swimming (only on the hottest days)
74. have you ever gone skinny dipping?: Yes
75. fave amusement park ride: I hate them all
76. special skills or talents: I can sing, dance (jazz, ballet & a little tap), draw & paint, play piano, play baritone & tenor sax and stick my tongue up my nose without the assistance of any other appendage
77. ever feel like you want to move out from your parents and live on your own: I already live away from home
78. characteristics you look for in a boy/girl: Intelligence (well, they can't look like shit or anything either)
79. favorite food: Pasta, pasta, pasta...
80. least favorite food: Bad seafood sauce (cream based)
81. favorite vacation: Maui
82. favorite subject: Art & Programming
83. ever wonder why men have nipples? no.
84. favorite movies: The Breakfast Club...
85. favorite part of your face: lips
86. favorite tv shows: That 70's Show
87. do you feel comfortable totally naked? depends on who's lookin'
88. favorite music: The Tea Party, U2
89. if you were stranded on a desert island and had food and water and other basic necessities, what two things would you bring along: Ryan & Peter
90. favorite animals: Peter & Alaskan Malamutes - (sp?) I want one of those
91. what are you most afraid of?: The eternal life, when does life really end if there is an after life? I have pondered this point since I was about 7 years old.
92. favorite day of the week: Saturday
93. have you ever had a near death experience?: No
94. favorite holiday: Christmas
95. favorite things to wear: Ryan's green army pants
96. what part of yourself are you most self-conscious of?: My nose
97. favorite part of the newspaper: Classifieds
98. would you rather do a math problem or write a poem?: Poem
99. sex before or after marriage: Oh my virgin eyes!
100. pro-life or pro-choice: choice
101. ever tried drugs: yes
102. do you drink?: yes
103. ever had your heart broken?: Yes
104. are you happy with the way things are going right now in your life? Yes, but I probably should have gone to France
105. favorite jelly belly flavor: ????
106. what is the most important thing in your life?: Stability - I can never be mentally balanced without it
107. dominant hand: Right
108. favorite color?: Blue
110. parents' names?: John & Margaret
111. what do you want to be?: Rich
112. how many kids do you want to have? 1 (maybe 2)
113. when do you want to get married? The date is set for July 28, 2001
114. if you could meet one famous person, who would it be? Clayton! No, really, uh, Jeff Martin
115. say one nice thing about the person that sent this thing to you: Clayton is not an ass