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Blue4130 Reviews 'Alice'

Blue4130 here. I have a bit of a game review for you today. American McGee's Alice. It is a tale of wonder and intrigue. The game supposedly takes place a few years after the book. So this puts Alice at the good old age of G-10. That oh sweet age where the boys just start looking for that sweet respectable girl to spend the rest of their days with. Well this is one girl that may disappoint you.

The story goes that shortly after the book ends and Alice is back with her family, they decide that she may have gone a bit off the deep end and decide to put her in a mental institute. Nice family. Well she gets a surprise from an old friend named the White rabbit. Gasp, Not him. So once again this is how the adventure starts. Turns out, the queen has decided to make a comeback and wonderland is once again in a state of turmoil. Thus Alice decides that she must help save the world. This is where you come in. You must guide Alice along her way to saving Wonderland.

The demo was quite a big download. So while you are DLing it put on a Barry White album and mellow out with a nice dry Gin Martini. The game play is quite good. there is an abundance of bad guys to take care of with the Big Knife that is your main weapon. The controls come set up just like UT so all you Faggers will be able to jump right in. The engine used is of the Q3 nature so I was a little disappointed. I mean it is alright but I have always been a fan of the UT one over Q3.

In my Beta Xi box (Athlon 600@666 192Megs, 32megTNT2) the game ran flawless. Fast and smooth. I had all the details set to the max and I was in eye candy heaven. I must say that EA. did one hell of a job on this one. I am curious to see the full thing and the LAN party capabilities of it. For now though I will have to put up with the Demo.

4 out of 5 freaky faces.