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D e m o n i . c a

P h o t o g e e k

__ S P A C E __

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S o u l _ D

J a y B

b _ p i n k

D o c R a z o r

S a s k o P h o t o z

Taking a round outta da pound


Dog Pound, is that you? MAN long time no see. How's the hot dog stand going anyway? Fuck man you used to make the BEST hot dogs in Dundurn. I'm so glad you cleaned up on the competition. Ritz over at Jurassic Wiener didn't make hot dog's NEARLY as good as yours. MAN the Dog Pound stand was always the best in town. HAHA I always liked how you'd ask people what condiments they like by rapping the question.... HAHA I though it was so funny, you always sounded so stupid. Oh where's your partner in crime anyway?..... His name was Cletis right? HAHA I heard Cletis got thrown in Jail for killing some guy by shoving a Hot Dog down his throat cuz he was mad you didn't give him 2 jurassic scoops of relish on his double dino dog. Oh man those were good times. Man you definitely are a good business man, remember that time you rented that bullhorn and were rapping some song about how your wieners were bigger than Ritz's.

Hey buddy I hope you've found a better place to stay rather than that horrible shelter you were at b4.

Do you remember that little retard that used to ride the 3 wheeler bike with the flag on the back and the radio that played non-stop Michael Jackson hits... What was his name... Mortimer right? HAHA that kid was one fucked up little sped, but he loved you to death.
Oh man, then there was that Veronica chick that always sat in the fucking tub smoking up, she had a crush on you too, I remember she would always take out her dentures and throw them at you when you didn't pay attention to her