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Audiophile Discusses High School Students...

Today I will be talking about High School students. For any of you who know me, you know that I am back in High School cuz I am that damn good. So I'm sitting in History 30 class doing my assignments when I hear these little 17-year-old Gee Funk snot nosed kids talking about how dangerous they are and how much people fear them. My focus of this article is on a little 3rd generation half-breed Latino that refers to himself as a gangster.... we'll call him Pedro.

In this day and age the word "Gangster" is a very loosely used term. I'm listening to Pedro sit there and puke out his evidently "cool" conversation about his run-ins with the law and other 17 year old highly dangerous gangsters. I'm thinking he must get together with his McDonalds co-workers and go out past 11pm and tip garbage cans over in the dark alleys of the west side. So now he's peaked my interest with his insightful array of incoherent slang and slurred profanity. Then next thing that grabbed my attention was Pedro's story of how he was stabbed 4 times outside the Albany Hotel by a rival of his. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not so sure that all the L33T gangsters in the city hang outside the Albany, actually I was more sure that you might find some drunken Indians and maybe a cheap hooker or two that might give you a hummer in return for a smoke.

My first reaction was to want to stab him with my pencil and ask him if it hurt as much as the knife wounds did. But then I thought... no he could be telling the truth, sure enough he pulled up the back of his shirt and there were some definite scars, which were more than likely knife wounds. So that's all fine and good, he's gained an ounce of my respect for not out and out blatantly spewing his verbal diarrhea without some form of proof. As I observe him telling his stories I can now see that his L33Tness meter has doubled with his audience of assorted social rejects as if his wounds of stupidity are some form of status.

The moral of this story? Well there really isn't one, I just wanted to beat the piss out of that kid. But shortly after his story telling session he dropped History and I haven't seen him since. Maybe he's been hired full time as a hit man by the most powerful MOB in the city that is run out of the basement of the Albany Hotel?