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Audiophile is back!

Damn this is an article from none other than the original Audiophile...

Yeah that's right I'm back online and smoking up the phone lines with 56K of pure bitch slappin bandwidth with extra mac sauce please. So I'm out driving around in ma bitch boat, I decided to drive by Spitfire's place and I see him installing yet another woofer in his fast little Dim Sum wagon. So I'm thinking... what the fuck, they don't call me Audiophile for nothing. So we hook this woofer up to his stereo and I'm thinking... Did someone just stick thier dink in my ass and yell "I'm a single mother supersized with a side of children" or does his stereo have less bass with 2 woofers than with 1. So I'm thinking.. Damn nigga you hooked the woofers out of phase and you have some big time mutha fukin cancellation going on. The great philosopher Soul D one said that if you hook a set of speakers out of phase with one and other they will cancel each other out and create a serene peaceful atmosphere in which you can listen to Spice 1 and masturbate to the beautiful harmonization of 4 niggaz on dope. Well Soul D was mutha fucking wrong... except for the Spice 1 thing. So we hooked that woofer back into phase and I shit ma pants from the bass. B-B-B-B-B-B BASS