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Some Reader Bios


Me, the unquestioned, allpowerful webmaster of one of the most increasingly popular sites on the internet, Spitfire spends his spare time finding ways to cover up Larmal's flaming homo-sexuality and keeping Razor out of trouble with the law. Spitfire also tries to control the wild tendancies of the young YC, however he is often overpowered and forced into strange acts of sado-mascicism.


The infamous YC, here are the secrets that make up the man we all know and love so well. From his constant verbal vulgarity to his total disregard for all forms of life, this bio dares to reach into the depths of what makes YC tick.

Click here for Updates by YC!

Dog Pound

Dog Pound is definately the loudest most outspoken reader of rappablords, with the possible exception of YC. DP is a west-coast Canadian rap super-star who spends his time with good friends Ritz and Easy C to wh0p up some bitchin' mack frenzies. In one of these mack frenzies, DP accidently got carried away and broke Spitfire's foot. Ever since they have been best friends.

Click here for Updates by DP!

Soul Devourer

Soul Devourer keeps to himself, and trusts nobody with the exception of any member of the USMC, or any superior officer. Known for dressing in full military fatigues and carrying large USMC knives, SD seeks to scalp all enemies in the immediate Saskatoon area within the next 5 years, most being the entire aboriginal population. This raging anger probably originated from when he was a little kid and a Native man killed his father.

Click here for Updates by soul_d!


One of rappablords' most dedicated readers, and the webmaster of rblords fastest growing hosted webpage. __SPACE__ spends her spare time making fun of people she knows, such as YC, and drawing funny deminishing profiles of people which depict the inherent flaws in an individual's character. __SPACE__ also used to own an awesome Camaro which she should not have sold for $500.

Dr. Razor

Another rappablords client, Razor's webpage has accumulated a total of 650 hits as of the time of this writing. Nobody really knows what draws so many people to his webpage. Razor is an expert in many things, including keeping it real and not caring.

Click here for Updates by Razor!


Audiophile has been without a computer since he moved here to S'toon from BC, but he finally got around to filling out his bio when he was over visiting Dog Pound. I should mention that Audiophile is my mentor, and I am currently on a special food diet decided by him.

Click here for Updates by Audiophile!
Mr. P

I originally forgot to add mrp to this page because he filled out his profile and posted it on his own page. However, I am still offering it here as he is still officially one of my readers. Mr.P is one of those people who keep the internet going and is constantly out to improve the efficiency of his network, and Unit3.


The most energenic little girl in the entire world, Fredish is just chalk full of orininality, inspiration, and good sex. Whether she be working the counter @ Mmmmmmuffins or workin her boyfriend Blue4130, Fredish spreads light upon her friends of almost infinite candle power. Unfortunately, sometimes this light blinds friends and causes them to lash out in revenge. What am I talking about? Gah nevermind...