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A day in the life of Blue4130

So I was at work today, just like any other day of the week. Looking at my watch i realize that it is almost quiting time. Fuckin' A. I call up my girl and get her to bring my bike to me and some beer to go along with it. Just another day at the trails

Just my bike and a beer and the dirt to jump over. Or so i thought. My bike and beer and woman arived in a timely manner. All is good in that dept.I jump in the can....still rain....nice and sunny. We drive to the area were the trails were, i looked in the field and didnt see anyone, odd....

I soon realized why.......

The whole place was as flat as a 10 year old girl.

My jaw just dropped as i stood in awe. the only thing i could see was the treads from the bulldozer. More and more people started to show up and had the same reaction as i did. One of the locals of the "shack" trails showed up and it was all too much for him, tears came to his 5 year old eyes as he asked his dad where all the jumps went.

If only the city workers could have seen the look on his poor face. After i saw the tears i could only think of the heartless bastards.


i just couldn't take it. I snapped. My mind started to work faster than ever before. What could i do to equal the pain we all felt. I turned the the greatest film of all time. Fight Club. thats right, it is time for the man to go down for what he has done. first rule of Project Mayhem...don't talk about project Mayhem....well you get the idea. You will all just have to wait and see what is going down. Thats my fucking rant.