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Your faith these days, father?

So as i was reading YC's Jesus rant a thought occured to me. People as a whole are loosing faith, faith in everything. I just couldn't stand by and let this happen. First I had to assess the damage. Just how far had our society fallen away from the Lord? Was he just another discarded jizz filled condom on the side of a Ave H piss stained, whore house bed? YC why have you deserted Our Holy Master? I suddenly realized that i too was victim to no beliving. Had it been that long since I had gone to church? Was I also a sheep that had stayed from he flock?

Wait just where is the flock? WE are not the only ones. It seems that the whole world has stoped caring about what happenes after we die. In one interview I conducted with a girl that would like to be names only as Jenova "The Church just doesnt appeal the the masses that it once did. There is no fear in people anymore. Back when I was growing up (ed: no age was given but am guessing as to 65 years old) They put the fear of God in you. If you mis-behaved, God would punnish you, not your father. Even thought it was your father that was using his belt, God was 'making him do it', and it was for 'your own good'"
So now I come down to the real reason of my article. All ye that have lost the faith. I offer you refuge; i offer you a warm heart; i will not judge;do not fear me. I am not just another leader. I am THE TRUE MESSIAH. Come and follow in my footsteps. I will lead all who are in need. I am also in need....need of a cult. My army will demolish all who oppose. Bring on the masses. With YC as my faith-filled left hand man, we can't loose. Jenova, you know you are always welcome, i know your pain. i have been there also.