Blue4130 - Techno-Freak

Now I have always prided myself with being up with the times and knowing what's new in the technological world. I stand by this fact because much of my day is spent searching the web and news groups, hoping to find the next big thing that I can add to my desk or computer. Alas I am a techno-junkie. So this is just a little article to show everyone, who isn't up with the times, what the next big things might be. You will notice that most of these objects are from Japan, and may never make it to our lovely beaches of Saskatoon. That is why we have mail order though, so all is well. Man I love those crazy Japanese. They think of everything.

This first item that I want to show you all is simply wonderful. How many times have you wondered if you had a new E-mail message? If you are too dumb to figure out how to set up windows to tell you when you have a new message, then this is the mouse for you! The two little LED's glow when you have new mail. How simply wonderful!

Or if you find the lights to be a tad on the bright side for your sensitive radiation burned eyes then perhaps I could interest you in a slightly different device. (You will note that a letter pops out when you have new mail)

The Japanese have always been big into convergence, But sometimes I think they take it a bit too far. This seems kind of like a George kastanza thing. Here we have a mouse with a label printer built in. Oh the thought that went into this one!

This thing truly boggles my mind, as I can find no use for it what so ever. It is a remote for your PC. Now who in their right mind would need this. I mean, if you are going to work on your computer do you really need a remote to turn it on? You will be sitting in front of it after all. With a tower less than 5 feet away.

And for all you geekgirls out there, I haven't forgot you. A pretty pink MoBo to go with your nice new lan box w/ window and neon light.

I think I will end this off with something that could acctually be of some use to all you Duron and T-bird owners. No longer will you have to worry about getting pencil everywhere or having to worry about it wearing off. This tape have conductive stripes that connect your L1 bridges for you. All nice and easy like.