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The Dog Pound Interview!

Well everybody, I know you've all been ready for this and it took some time but hey, it aint easy chasin' down a star like Dog Pound! If you aren't familiar with the work of DP, please visit the official Dog Pound webpage. Dog Pound grew up in the Canadian city of Vancouver. Growin up wasn't easy for DP, but he soon found he had a soaring talent for ganster-style rap. After much hunting, the staff at Rappablords was able to come up with one of his first recordings at the ripe age of 7, entitled I Sold your Dog To a Chinese. Please feel free to download it and distribute it freely.

Now without furthur hesitation, here is the interview. I was able to contact DP through his fan email address. I sent him a list of questions, and this is what he sent back:

Many people may not know of your music or what it is you do. Could you describe to me the type of music you play and the audience you cater to?

Fuck man, i keep the shit real. Back in BC the boyz know the role they play in all rooms. I fuck play the hippest whick wack, patty whack, give earl a bone, dopest mother fucking, shit this side of WC. I play freestyle, what ever comes to the head, goes out my mother fucking hole. you heard the shit, it's about the crams, or the fucking fluinto.

It is unfortunate that Ritz had to be expelled from the band because of cronic asthma, can you see him coming back in the future?

Fuck me and ritz go back man. Ritz knew his asthma would be an issue further down the road. Like the time he was in the back on the barry getting a mean dicksuck. He was breathing so hard, he almost passed out, right on that fucking native girl! By the way native chicks give the best meatmunches man! They got something to do with the land or some whack shit like that. Once I was getting a fuck sweet suck, when I started sweating and i saw fucking pictures of those tents they make. I got scared and hit the bitch and left....fuck

Ritz is welcome back, but we gotta fucking do something about his air.

Who is the Masked Mother Fucking Madman and what does he have to do with you band?

Masked Mother Fucking Madman, is what it says! I ain't telling no cunthair who the fuck this mean kyareter is! He plays the dopest spin this side of the Atlantic WestCoast Dead sea. he drops a megatron bomb like no fuck could. Don't ask such shitfaced questions, he's masked for a motherfucking reason. Fuck, do i gotta explain it anymore then that?! Damn what the fuck

Rumour has it that you enjoy grotesque fetish porn. If this is true, which type do you enjoy most?

What? Fuck, Porn! I produce it! It's my hobby slapnuts! I already got Ritz in two feature films. Ritz, the cracker that won't stop crunching. and Ritz, the mean fuck VI. Those are out in local areas. Pick it up, it' as done as gandhi was with his diaper.

Rappablords has received videos of you physically attacking one Graeme Humphries (aka Mr. T) until he was unable to move. What gives?

WHAT GIVES? what kinda shitfucked question is that? you saw the mo, he was crankering it to the extreme, and DP had to come and show the room who da boss of his religion wuz! Damn, that fucknut was rambling and preaching about god, and all those fucking pears, he was you know what this be? For Christ sake, the damn donkey dickflap! He was gone to the doors, and DP had to come in and make sure the padlock was locked, stocked, and ready to receive! AITE! The crack, was asking for the pimpdrop to be done, and done it was, JACK! no more

Reliable sources have told us that you used to enjoy urinating on the cobras at the 7-11 as a kid to piss off the clerk and distract him while Ritz and EZC stole slurpees. Is this true?

heheheh, fuck ya, dem were the days by far. The fucking sweetest part was that Ritz would come back later, forgetting I pissed on the co's, and he'd buy them and eat em like they were going outta fuc'n style. That dope fuck Ritz, i'm going to miss laughing at his stupid dumb 12 year old looking ass.

I'm sure all the women are dying to know.....are you single??

DP, is whooping the bitches into a muthafuck'n mackfrenzy. When your loaded like I am the chicks are just begging for a suck. The best is, I pick at least two or three chicks from eahc show, bring em back to get some troubling twat, and if i don't like them, I just piss all over their face. They get the hint, and either fuck and suck better, or get the hell outta my face. It's bad when i got no piss in me, and I gotta shit. heheh, DP is a man of class tho, and knows how to treat the sluts. I offer them dinner, tell em it's up in my room, bring em there, and more less they skip dinner and getting to the riding, which is good, cuz i usually don't have supper for them anyways, dumb cheap cumsuckers.

I'm sure your aware that you have a lot of young fans out there (12 and under). What message would you like to send out to them?

DP is what you outta been, when your out in the world. Keeping it real, and making sure to finger fuck any chick you dance with in Grade 7 and 8.... and for you girls, if you want early lessons on how to suck the real thing, DP is your hookup, just get some ID saying u are 19 or some shit like that....bad news...

Vancouver isn't easy to grow up in for anybody, how was your life as a child?

FUCK, we don't want to talk about that. GOT IT! All i gotta say is chineese

Last question. I hope you don't mind me saying, you are very popular with the ladies. Whats your current count?

HA, you could only dream of the bitches i got. I have each chick's name tatooed on my dick...and let's just say it's spread to my thighs.......and it's growing