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Dog Pound Speaks Out

Ok, this article is going to short and sweet.

What the hell is wrong, with the world today?!? You know I sit here and wonder about the many beauties this world has to offer. Then I see the people walking to cosmo every morning. I mean what the fuck!? Can't the bus take em straight to work?! These people crossing the street, in their fucking thrift shop clothes, that don't fit, carrying their pink lunch boxes to work, earing hats just touching the top of their head, that say Sunspun, or I No Name. I mean, every morning I sit at the light, and watch each of the happy gimpo's walk across the Street. Then there is the one guy who looks all ashamed...and drops his bag, and bends down to pick it up....and that's where the problem hits me......the big dark stain around his ass.....I don't know for sure....but this guy must shit his gitch every morning. I mean is that exciting working with people named Elio??? I guess what this all comes down to, is this


Above on the left in Audiophile in his more respected days, on the right is the girl who follows him right after he shits himself and rams him with her wheelchair (I think its her way of flirting)