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Tuesday, July 20, 2004  
Hey guys and gals! I guess it's finally time to update my page...so I will break with my hiatus for awhile to give you an insight into my recent love dealings and other shiiiizzzziminizza.

As you know, this week I'm down to 14 girlfriends... so I'm really hurtin! Keep tuned for my collection of supreme hotties whom I met at the bar... and a list of all of their phone numbers! I guess they're pretty hot... but I'll never phone them because I have complex, weird issues with every single one of them, even though I dont' know them! So yeah....anyhoo I got VERY drunk so all is good. Fuck I'm so tired....plenty more stories from the weekend, but I can't think of them all.....

Thursday, May 27, 2004  
Whoa....What a past few days it has been, crazy as shit.....well lets get started...

Had ball practice on Monday....wasn't much of a turnout, but it was still better than hanging out with my friends (they suck). What else to say....

Talked to Darren the other night....I love that fucker. Seriously, its fucked up shit but I have to say I LOVE YOU and your the best.

Enough mush from this bitch....

Shout out to Soul_D online.

Yes rules - enough said. damnitshotoutsidegottagettheboatout S

Sunday, May 15, 2004  
Well well well - the weekend is gone and another one approaches! Got drunk with Bryce and the guys last weekend, woke up in an alley - fun shit! Oh hang on here's some pics of me with random girls I had sex with last week... they are huge because I have no idea how to shrink them so give them some time to load!

There's more, but thats all I have time for right now. Boy, I hope that didn't sound too PLAYERISH :)

gottagoeatsomefukinbadcheese B

Wednesday, May 2, 2004  
Hey kids...

Stayed at home last weekend, bummed out from all this extreme partying lately. Got a bad sunburn on the weekend staring at the sun, and now I have blisters!! I also have an eye infection.

Too tired.....

dontpokeyoureyeafterstaringatthesunfor6hours S
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