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Dog Pound's weekly 'Mack' Archive - Installment #1

Alright y'all!! Weclome to DP's first installment, in the MACK ARCHIVES!!! These articles will explore the mack factors of women that I have stumbled across in my many macking adventures! Some of them will be hunnies, and some will be horrible. Dog Pound likes to be fair to all da ladies. Also, after my article there will also be the DP MIDI OF DOOM!!! I really don't like that title for it, so you loyal rblords readers can send me idea's in!! Wh0a were getting interactive here!! So send your ideas of what my midi each week should be titled! I'll pick the best one, and whoever sends me the one i pick, will get a special Dog pound treat, no matter where u live!! :)

Alright, I decided this week, I would pick a girl who I have been drooling over for a couple years now. All I have determined is her name is "Lesa" but it could be anything. This lady, looks like quite a cutie, and innocent, and that makes DP very happy!!! That's points in this homies books. Other then the fact she's in her skimpies, she has a good smile, and she don't look too slutty. The great thing is, she looks like she could be quite the dynamo in the sack. Very intense, and very dominating, not s&m dominating, but very sturdy, and a lady who knows what she wants, and gets it. She would seem to be quite loyal to her man, and open for anything interesting. She seems she could be atheltic, and wouldn't mind rollerblading in her gitchies! DUDE, THAT'S SO A BONUS!

  • Eyes 5/5
  • Hair 4/5
  • Boobs 6/5!!
  • Body 5/5
  • Smile 5/5


Wow, the first DP article, and the hunny gets 5 out of 5 DOG POUND heads, not many women will get that'll see


and now onto this week's midi (Download)

can ya guess what it is?! If so, email me, and give me yur answer, and I'll reveal next acrticle who got it

That's it this week yoyo's catch ya later.....